Adult Siblings

For adult siblings, SibStrong will strive to provide information and resources that are necessary to properly support people with ASD/DD. Additionally, adult siblings will have opportunities to meet fellow siblings in their area through social events and take part in mentorship programs with younger siblings.

Resources, Information and Planning Services

Working with legal experts who specialize in disability as well as family and estate planning services, SibStrong will work to create engaging and plain-language resources to help siblings understand and prepare for roles and responsibilities they will potentially assume from their parents. To further prepare siblings, SibStrong will work to identify legal and disability service providers in states where Sibstrong operates to help increase sibling’s awareness of available programs and opportunities. SibStrong intends to make information available via an engaging multimedia platform that comports with modern information consumption habits.


Employment Inclusion

With the embrace of neurodiversity, more people with ASD/DD are entering the workplace and finding homes in forward leaning corporations. While great strides in this area have already been made, siblings, have the unique opportunity to push for greater inclusion and help to advocate for increased opportunities. Working with specialists on workplace inclusion, SibStrong will work to lobby companies that members work in to further expand employment opportunities. For interested siblings, SibStrong will provide toolkits and resources that outline ways to build inclusion and help train siblings to serve as liaisons for companies that are looking to expand employment for people with ASD/DD.


Social Activities

Social activities designed to connect siblings of people with ASD/DD will be designed and implemented on the local and state level. Happy hours, trips and informational sessions will be some of the social engagements that SibStrong works to facilitate.



Interested adult siblings will have the opportunity to work with elementary, adolescent and teenage siblings.


Other Resources

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