SibStrong In-School Factsheet


What is SibStrong?

SibStrong is a new organization seeking to connect and provide support and resources for siblings of people with disabilities and their families.

SibStrong In-School

While SibStrong intends to work with siblings of all ages, one of the initial areas of focus will be to support elementary school-aged siblings. The in-school program will provide a regular time and space for siblings to get together with other brothers and sisters of people with disabilities. Combining activities, discussion and games, these sessions, run by a school counselor and an older sibling of someone with a disability, will allow siblings to:

  • Meet other siblings of people with disabilities
  • Develop a community of other children who share similar experiences to them
  • Provide a safe space for siblings to talk about their experiences—the good and the bad
  • Celebrate the unique role they play in the lives of their brothers and sisters
  • Better understand disability and ways to talk about it to friends and peers
  • Learn strategies for dealing with challenging situations
  • Ask questions they may have about their role as the sibling of someone with a disability

The goal of the SibStrong In-School program is to provide a supportive and FUN environment that will empower siblings, allow them to form a community of siblings, while also broadening understanding and acceptance of disability in-school.

Along with supporting your sons and daughters, SibStrong will offer opportunities for parents to access sibling-related resources and interact with older siblings to learn first-hand about the sibling experience.