Opportunities to Connect with Other Siblings

Our totally free gatherings provide a safe space for siblings to get together with others around their age to connect over shared experiences, discuss issues unique to siblings, ask questions and access information. One thing we believe is there’s no right way to be a sibling. Your experiences are yours, your feelings are valid. We’re all at different places in our journey and we are here to celebrate and support that.

Our gatherings are broken into three tiers:

  • Youth: Ages 10-16
  • Young Adults: Ages 17-22
  • Adults: Ages 23 and over

Our gatherings are held for each age tier on a rolling basis approximately every 8 weeks. While the gatherings are all virtual during COVID, once it is safe to do so, SibStrong will begin to hold in-person gatherings in addition to continuing virtual meetups as well.

What to Expect?

For new siblings joining a gathering there are a few key things we want them to keep in mind…


Gatherings Provide Opportunities to:

  • Meet other siblings of people with disabilities
  • Provide a space to talk about our experiences
  • Empower siblings in their roles within families
  • Make lifelong support connections
  • Celebrate the unique role siblings play
  • Better understand disability and ways to talk about it
  • Develop strategies for dealing with situations
  • Get support on planning for the future

What Siblings and Parents Are Saying